Donating to the Australian Bushfires

Hey everyone, 

As many of you know, I am an Australia translator and my country is currently undergoing a terrible crisis, with the worst bushfires burning Australia. People have died, lost their homes and countless wildlife are on the verge of being extinct, and the bushfires don't seem to be ending anytime soon as the hottest summer months are still to come. 

Fortunately, I am currently unaffected so far but I do know some relatives and friends who have lost their homes. I am constantly praying that I don't receive any bad news, though most of them should've evacuated the danger zone. 

I am asking for anyone who has any amount they can spare to consider donating to help those affected. Any amount, no matter how big or small, will be a helpful. If you can't afford it, I hope you can pray and keep us in your thoughts. I will provide links below if you want to consider donating. I'm not sure which ones accept payments from overseas but several of them should accept paypal. 

In addition, I will be volunteering to help out next week. Chapters should be completed and scheduled, so OG releases should be as normal but I will let you know if things don't work out.

Links to Donate (previous link was incorrect)

Facebook Fundraiser that has already raised millions.