NECRO is 600 chapters old! Red envelopes for everyone!

*cupped fist salute from etvo!*


[edit] A bumpaaa cause guys, I still got stuff from local artists left over = =.

Firstly, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! Welcome to the Year of the Ox, hasta la vista rat!! (Last time it was the Year of the Rat, that was 2008 and all that happened then...). Happy Valentine's Day to everyone single and coupled up! And Happy 2021 for anyone who doesn't fall under the first two, heh.

Necropolis Immortal is 600 chapters old!! I have sososo greatly enjoyed everyone's comments, banter on Discord, and wild mentions on reddit/other places. We're at 21k comments and 84 reviews, with an overwhelmingly recommended rating for the novel. It always makes me so happy to see that and I can't say this enough, I truly have the best readers in the world.   (My colleagues, fite me!)


In the spirit of the holiday, I'd like to hand out red envelopes to random readers. Obv there will not be money inside, lol. Instead, I'll be slipping in something random from Taiwan since I mayyyy have imitated the Deaf Prince a bit when supporting local artists last year. Simply leave a comment below about your favorite NECRO moment thus far, and I'll eenie meenie miney mo some folks. Be sure to mention if you've written a review as well, I'll definitely try to send you something. Supplies last while they last, and here's examples of stuff I've previously mailed.

Negative reviews are fine too! I want to hear your genuine thoughts -- just please support your comments and be constructive!

Finally, some random thoughts:

  • Lu Yun's Angels needs a therapist for his final envoy slot.
  • Demonic flubber is possibly my favorite nickname thus far in the series
  • I need a Tome of Life and Death so I can pause and take a breather from NECRO's breakneck pace
  • My cameo is only 1000 chapters away. XD
  • If you missed previous chapter readings or AMAs, check them out here on my YouTube! If you enjoy my work, please consider sponsoring for advance chapters and/or buying me a bubble tea! (No advance chapters on Ko-Fi, but anyone who gets me bubble tea during this week will get a shoutout in my thoughts! Just lemme know what name to use in your message.)

Qing Yu in her Hello-fellow-boy-I-am-a-boy-too-uh-huh-that's-right-stop-slapping-my-oh-fine-this-hug-is-nice mood.