Happy 100, NECRO!

EDIT: Alright, pretty much everyone's getting something until everything's gone. XD

We are already at 100 chapters & 500k views! Crazy, innit!

Giveaway celebrations are in order~ Please write a review on WW & respond on this Twitter link w/ a screenshot for entry. (Or email [email protected]!) If you'd like to write another on the NovelUpdates page, that counts as a double entry! Please also be sure to SS that review too. Copying and pasting your WW review is totally fine, and please add NECRO to your reading list while you're at it! That helps series visibility = moar folks discovering the wonders of NECRO. 

I'll pick a few winners for a kickass tiger pin or thank you note! Front and back of the dragon pin shown above. This is a new design, the second in the series after the previous xianxia dragon. Those of you who've been around of a while know that I do love my pins!

I've rounded up some stationary of Chinese magnets that hearken back to themes we often find in NECRO, such as deities against evil, dragons, and peace and prosperity, as well as some traditionally Taiwanese postcards and designs. We may not be able to travel these year, so I'll send you a bit of the world!

Note: I'm centralizing all submissions on Twitter for ease of organization and to cut down on fraud (flashbacks from the SOTR 2000 contest), but also open to any other ideas!

Once again, thank you all for being on this ride, I hope you've been enjoying it!