Celebrating 1000 NECRO Chapters -- Saturday Reading & Win an Oculus Quest!

Woot woot, we've hit 1000 chapters everyone! Your favorite post apocalyptic tomb raiding xianxia is a thousand chapters old!

To celebrate, I'll be hosting a chapter reading and AMA this Saturday 9/25 @ noon US EST, which is 9am PST, 6pm Berlin time, midnight Taipei time. Come listen to latest chapter and shoot the rolling heads in a general AMA! This will be hosted on the WW Discord.

In true etvolare fashion, I will be hosting a writing contest for 1000 NECRO chapters. Since we are so close to Halloween and NECRO is all about the creepy crawlies in the dark, I couldn't resist tying it into the occasion. More details later, just pick your favorite NECRO event for now. Grand prize will be an Oculus Quest (cause heaven knows we don't have enough illusions and formations in NECRO, huh), a copy of Pokemon Shining Brilliant Diamond Pearl thing, and more to be announced during the reading.

Come one, come all, and if you haven't reviewed NECRO yet, please do so! The soul refinings shall continue until we're drowning in reviews!