New High-Res Monarch of Evernight Artwork

Hi everyone ^_^ it's Legion here!

I'm happy to announce that we have a new high-res MEN/MoE artwork! This one is a cool scene featuring Qianye and the arachne Brahms. The download link is attached to Chapter 608 and will move down the sponsored chapters queue in order. Do check it out if you're interested and leave me a comment about what you think. Also, feel free to suggest new scenes you guys would like to see an artwork of :D

EDIT: I'll be linking them to 3 chapters 608, 609, 610 so that sponsors with 1-advance chapters will have a couple of days to download them before it gets removed

Note: This is a sponsor-only bonus for now and will be removed once the chapter comes out of sponsor, so be sure to grab it if you're interested!