Monarch of Evernight Double Chapters!

Hey everyone ^_^ It's Legion here!

I'm back! Thanks, everyone for their wishes and I'm relieved to say I did quite okay in the exams. I'll be delivering double chapters from now on to make up for the 7 chapter deficits from my break, and then some for the holidays! One chapter will be posted at the usual time each day while the second chapter won't have a fixed time. I'll try to post the second ones daily but maybe it'll vary a little bit. 

I'll also try to accumulate for a new year bonus, but considering I don't have much time left, I'm not too sure how many I can muster. 

Happy holidays and thanks for reading and sponsoring MEN/MoE!


Edit: My release schedules are really messed up as I struggle to release two chapters a day. Do bear with an unfixed release schedule until I've finished clearing the owed chapters.