MEN (Monarch of Evernight) Handover + V3C74 - V3C81

Evernight readers, as many of you know alys has been completely swamped for quite some time now, as many of her translators have ended up dropping out of the team while she still had three projects. A few weeks ago, I discussed with her the topic of having someone else work on MEN starting early March. That time has come now. The new translator for MEN shall be Legion, and he has spent the past month reading up on MEN and getting up to speed. Hopefully, this will lessen the pressure on alys in general and will get us more dedicated, regular chapters of MEN!

At the same time, we're releasing eight final chapters from alys as a parting gift. Thanks for reading and take care, and also please join me in welcoming Legion to Wuxiaworld! :)