MEN/MoE Volume 3 completion & mini-mass-release

Hello everyone, -Legion- here!

Monarch of Evernight Volume 3 is coming to a close so let's celebrate it with a mini mass release of 3 chapters (that was all I could muster)!!! How will Qianye develop his mercenary corps? What is this imminent war all about? How will he get through this conflict? Let's find out together as we continue to the next volume: Perpetual Conflict.

To our dao friends who are not yet aware, I received the honor of succeeding Alyschu senpai as TL for MEN/MoE in March and we're now releasing 6 chapters per week. Monarch of Evernight is a captivating and action-packed novel with a deep plot. The beginning is somewhat slow, but it's nothing short of addictive as the story starts progressing rapidly later on. So be sure to drop by and give it a try if you're interested!