Alyschu&Co presents Monarch of Evernight! 🔫

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters, it's around 4:30am over here and I am barely clinging onto the last sliver of  my consciousness. In fact, I might possibly be typing this all with my eyes already shut tight. Anyways, before I get too off topic, MEN is finally here!! It was actually supposed to be released on the 1st of May, which was yesterday, but spoopy things happened so two chapters are out today!

This story is absolutely wonderful and has literally everything from cultivation, vampires, werewolves, and guns, oh my! Go check it out!

Storychu time:

I announced a while back that MEN was to be released at a release rate of 2/day to kick it off, but I had to pretty much drop that plan (and the rest of all my other plans which made me super duper busy!) because I'm preparing to head to China some day this month to visit my grandma. She had a really nasty fall late last year which frightened the jeebies out of practically everyone, including mommychu, who suddenly decided to push our planned visit to an earlier date. Even though I didn't exactly tell anyone aside from my team about MEN's official release date, I apologize for not keeping to my originally stated plans.

What's going to happen right now is that MEN will be released once a day for May and we'll hopefully get out the double daily releases for June, if I'm back by then. If not, it'll come July! The double release month will definitely come!!

ps. To all patrons of ATG&MEN, there will not be any early patron access chapters for MEN from now until I get back from China, sorry >.<...