No chapters today - Depressed

Update: I called Ikea again early in the morning. A couple hours later, they told me they found my backpack. My documents are currently back in hand. I will make up the 2 missed chapters asap.

Thanks for all the concern guys!!!!

In the moving hectic and buying new furnitures, I lost my backpage that contained all my personal info, SSN, birth certificate, green card, bank number, etc.

Not in any mood to translate today, feeling depressed as shit. Sorry guys, I’ll get back working tomorrow and make up today’s chapter sometime this week.

Ps. I think I lost my backpack at around 6pm-7pm CST in Schaumburg ikea. Nothing found as of yet, will go there tomorrow morning to see if someone turns it in. :(

Willing to reward anyone that could give me my backpack :(