MGA Updates Update

Hey guys, it's Starve here~
I was still wondering whether I should make this announcement 'cause it feels weird and repetitive to keep talking about updates, but I still feel like I should give a heads up ahead of time.

Anyway, if you have realized, I've upped releases back to 2/day at the moment because Bee has increased his releases too at the moment, so I'm basically mirroring him. However, it could be a temporary thing, and 'cause we don't have a huge buffer unlike before, the rate of the release could just simply drop back to 1 all of a sudden. 

There won't be any heads up this time around (because we don't have enough chapters to do a heads up), so honestly, I'd say it'll be better to think of the default as 1/day. I can at least guarantee that unless he suddenly stops releasing for like a consecutive week or something. 

And that's all.

It's quite a boring update so let's end off with an interesting(?) trivia.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
The answer is apparently 700 pounds.

Alright see yall~

EDIT: Ah also, I know that there are quite a few errors in the chapters. I'm a one-man team here, don't really have any editors or proofreaders here, so my brainfarts often goes unnoticed through my farting brain. If yall are highlighting errors and it's convenient for you, it's actually easier to get me on Discord than here 'cause while I do check chapter comments, I can't really do them regularly so I can't guarantee that I'll see them.

EDIT2 (9 December): Yeah, he has slowed down once more