MGA Updates Reducing To 1/Day

Hello guys, I just realized that it's possible for me to post posts. The option is hidden at the bottom of the sidebar, so I never realized that it was there hahaha.

I've already dropped several notices on chapters and in the Discord to inform people about the situation, but I'm making this announcement to give another head up, especially since it's quite easy to overlook information in the translator thoughts.


Guys some heads up.

The release rate will be reducing to 1/day from November onward. We're going to catch up to Bee very soon, and I need a small buffer in order to maintain steady releases. Bee is currently updating around 5/week on average, so even with 7/week, we'll eventually catch up with him. 

For those who are curious, the current raws is at 4628 whereas the highest advanced chapter is at 4611, which means that we'll catch up to him latest in around 8 weeks' time, and you can expect the release to become incredibly irregular by then since we'll be pretty much tailgating him by then, and I do have other things going on so I can't really guarantee that I'll be able to translate it right away.

Also, do join Wuxiaworld's Discord or my Discord to get firsthand news of updates ~~