MGA Update 2

Hey guys, it's Starve again!

Anyway, sorry for the late releases for the last few days - should have already made up for them with the recent release

I have my hands full with three novels at the moment and am translating around 9000 English words every day at the moment, so I don't really check on MGA after putting it on auto-scheduler anymore. I'm currently a one-man team for MGA without any editors onboard, so there's no staff to notify me if anything happens here. So, please do message me on Discord instead if there are problems with uploads, or else it might take me a while to notice and rectify the error.

Also, I realized that there is a lot of misinformation going around about the raw chapter count due to mistakes made by MTL websites and stuff, so I'd like to make it clear that there are only 4738 chapters right now as of 7 February 2021 (with the highest tier right now being at 4717). The legitimate way to check how many raw chapters there are is to go on and use Google Translate to translate the webpage to English. If anyone continues saying that there are 4900 or whatever chapters, please just show this to them. I get occasional complaints that I'm withholding chapters and am intentionally slowing the novel down, but I'm not and I do need some buffer chapters. 

Last but not least, I've only taken over this novel after 4320 and I'm on flat pay (aka fixed pay per chapter). I don't really dare to mess with the sponsorship tiers, or else I might get my ass whipped if something goes wrong. So aye, I'm not the one to ask about that issue, though I'm not really sure whom I should ask about that either.

Eyy it's a bit of a heavier post with a bit of grumbling from me, so before I end it, let me lighten the mood a bit with a joke.

Why was the pig covered in ink?

Because he lived in a pen!

Last but not least, my dead subreddit:

Alright, signing off