MGA Translator Now Starve

Hey MGA readers, Ren here!  As you may have noticed, our long-time MGA translator Yang Wen-li has been getting a bit erratic in his daily posting schedule again, although for the most part he still hit the *weekly* targets.  We had a talk with him, and long story short, the poor man is just burnt out, as anyone could be after doing over three *thousand* chapters of MGA since he took it over from flowerbridge.  As a result, we're putting him on a sabbatical to get some long-needed rest, and in the meantime have brought on a great translator StarveCleric to handle MGA.  The public chapters you are reading now are still YWL chapters; Starve has started from 4320 and we have stressed (and he understands) the importance of regularity in uploads.  So, expect to see improvement in this area soon!

As for Starve himself, he's a long-time translator who is very good at what he does! Below is an extract from what Starve wrote on advance chapter 4321, which I'm sharing with 'public' readers early: Starve has been working as a translator for almost four years now (six years if you include his brief time on Zhan Long), and has worked on The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich (first 140 chapters), Heaven's Shadow (50 chapters), The Records of the Human Emperor (first 300 chapters), Library of Heaven's Path (completed), The Beautiful Time With You (ongoing), and Ninth Special District (ongoing).

Starve is a guy, self-proclaimed to be 18 years old in the world wide web, living inside a little red dot, and that's all he cares to reveal about himself for now. He's already worked on quite a few chapters on MGA at the time of announcement (including the released 4320), and so far, his goal has been to preserve how MGA has been like thus far. Fortunately, YWL compiled quite a lot of stuff so it's much easier to look up terms and the sort, but it's not entirely foolproof. So, if you find anything that appears to be out-of-place or jarring, please feel free to PM him @StarveCleric at the Wuxiaworld Discord.

WW would like to offer our thanks to YWL for all his hard work, and Starve for being willing to help out.  Thanks all!