Chapters Counter

Hey everyone. For a long while now, I've been releasing 2 chapters a day. But, after moving house, my chapters has been all over the place.

Because of that, since nearly 3 weeks ago, I added a chapter counter for 14chapters/week. The counter is on the sidebar and will include this week and previous week's chapters.

I was able to afford some days when I'm too tired to translate as day off and make them up over the course of the next day or two. I will still try my best to stick to the 2/day schedule too. But having 14/week as the goal makes it much easier.

It has been rather helpful to me and hopefully helpful to all the readers too. This also served to help everyone track my current progress seeing as whenever I do makeup chapters, there's always people that thinks that I'm still missing certain chapters due to our different timelines.

Thanks for the continued support! We're about to hit 4k chapters soon!!!