Adwall Testing on MGA Begins

Hi guys, Ren here!  Commandeering the MGA page to do an MGA announcement.  Our new ad system, as discussed in this post, is now being tested here on MGA.  All normal ads have been removed and replaced with a single bi-chapter video ad.  Ad-free VIP accounts, of course, will see nothing as usual. What you SHOULD see is a short video ad attached to an actual WW video that you can skip over in about five or ten seconds. This is a super early beta version, so there are bound to be some kinks for some people in the first few days, given all the various configurations people have.  Thanks for being patient with us, and we welcome all constructive input if you experience the system not working the way it is intended.

EDIT: Per TwiggleD, "For those experiencing issues with the ads even after having disabled their ad blocker, the "An error has occurred." message happens if you have strict blocking turned on in Firefox settings because it blocks "". Turning off blocking for this site or setting it normal blocking will fix things, provided that other extensions like Privacy Badger for example aren't blocking the same domain.

Furthermore for users of extensions such as noscript or umatrix, you'll need to let "" through to be able to actually play the ad and let you read the rest of the chapter."

Some also have ad-blockers installed at the router level, or browser-based/antivirus-based adblock (apparently like Kaspersky, Opera, etc.).  We can't account for every possibility as there are just too many things out there, but we'll keep looking at these things!