4k Chapters Giveaway Winners!

Sorry for the late announcement. I know this was supposed to be announced on the 6th...

There are a total of 787 entry submissions plus 1 drawing submission.

The 3 winners for the 2-month access to my google drive are...
- Aragon
- ag_arzu
- nwhelan13

The 3 winners for the $25 Amazon Gift Card are...
- yalace
- rese
- ChuPaPanda

The 5 winners for the $10 Amazon Gift Card are...
- Turbe
- kalish640
- PKemoboii
- Vaynard
- SlaveIV

The winner for the Drawing Contest is... 

- Earijee

Sadly, as there's only a single drawing submission. So the winner is won by default. I felt like changing the contest would be unfair to the winner.

I will be contacting the winners through email listed on your submissions.