3-19-2020, Update

First all, I'd like to offer my apologies to everyone. I know my schedule lately has been all kinds of wack. I'm sorry about this.

This mainly had to do with some of my personal life issues... I think it's a pretty common issue among couples in the later stages of their marriage but damn, I'm only 26 and it's been frustrating. Essentially, my personal life has been affecting my work life. I need therapy. I will seek therapy once the Covid19 crisis dies down. Once again, I'm sorry.

As an apology, I will do 10 Apology Chapters once I catch up to all the chapter releases. I've locked myself in to translate for the rest of the night and tomorrow to catch up. Expect a couple chapters coming out later in the night. I'll most likely release them the moment I finish a chapter instead of waiting for bulk release.

Now, onto the update.

4k Giveaway is still live. Feel free to join the giveaway here. The drawing contest so far only have a single submission. I'm pondering if I should reconsider drawing contest to say a 'write a review about MGA'. Please give me your thoughts.

Stay home, stay safe!