1-4 Update

1-17 Everything caught up! Sorry it took so long!

1-16 Only 1 chapter today, adding 1 to missing chapters for a total of 2. Had to run some errands, feeling very tired. I'll strive to do 4 chapters tomorrow so that we can be caught up.

1-15 Update 2 chapters released, missing 1 now

Early Afternoon 1-12 Update. Released 4 chapters, not sure if I can do anymore today. So let's count 2 toward today's chapter count. Missing 3 chapters still. Sorry about the lateness, working on them.

Overnight/Early Morning 1-6 Update. Released 3 chapters, missing 5 now. Time to sleep!

Overnight update. Added 1 more chapter. Missing 6. Will be doing 3 chapter days to catch up!

Cold got better today. Had to take the last 2 days off to recover, slept in and all. Family still sick but we're all getting better.

I am 7 chapters behind, but I'm trying to get 2 more chapters out tonight so hopefully 5 chapters behind. We'll get that caught up the upcoming week.