Poll Results

Hey everyone, 

The poll results are here: https://www.buildquizzes.com/results2244906x7aC14767-64#tab-1

As many of you did, I also paid close attention to the results of the poll during the past few days, and noticed that the votes for one of the writings jumped like 200 within a very short period of time. But, before I even asked that contestant about it, he emailed me about what happened: one of his sons did that writing, and his two sons went to ask all of their friends and relatives to vote for it. As much as I like his son's work and appreciate his honesty, that incident disqualified submission No. 3 from winning this little conest.

In light of this, submission No. 4 emerges as the winner. Let's congratulate him/her! 

I had a lot of fun doing this little contest with you, and I hope you had fun too. Once again, I wish you and your family all the "福" in this world in the year of pig!