Happy Xiao Nian Festival!

Hi everyone, today marks a traditional Chinese festival, Xiao Nian, or "Little Spring Festival", which is celebrated on the 23rd day of the last lunar month.

According to Chinese tradition, Xiao Nian is a day for people to offer sacrifices to the Kitchen God and eat melon-shaped candies. In Chinese legends, this god watches over people's actions and words in the kitchen. Then on Xiao Nian, he returns to heaven and reports back to the mighty Jade Emperor. By offering candies to the Kitchen God on Xiao Nian, people hope he will become sweet-lipped, and say more good things about their home, thus bringing good fortune to the family.

The tradition also requires people to clean their houses, and put up spring festival decorations. But over time, this tradition has faded. While it continues to be observed in certain areas, especially the countrysides of north China (where I live), Xiao Nian is mostly now seen as a prelude to the larger Spring Festival celebration. 

Since I spent the whole day working in front of my computer and hasn't been helpful at all, I promised to cook for my wife and kid. Talk to you guys later. Have a good day! :)

P.S.  The Spring Festival is in a week. I'm planning something special. Please keep tune.