A New Idea

Hey guys, our winner of Chapter 800 Giveaway finally got the talisman. 

He likes the talisman very much, but since it's dark-green, it was kinda hard to find proper lightning for a good picture.

That said, I recently reviewed all of my previous giveaways, and found that none of the winners were high-ranking patriarchs (sponsors) of LOAR. 

After giving the matter a lot of thought, I decided that, aside from the current hundred-chapter giveaways that target all reader of LOAR, I'll start doing monthly giveaways that target top-tier sponsors.

For more details, I'll make another announcement at the beginning of next month. What I can tell you now is that it'll be easy for you patriarchs to participate, and you'll be able to choose from all of the previous prizes.

"I'll do the lucky draws myself. Hahaha."