1500 Chapter Giveaway +Increased Release Rate

Hey everyone,

LOAR has come to 1500 chapters, so giveaway time! 🍺

This time, I'm giving away Jue Cups, which are a type of ancient Chinese vessel used to serve wine. There are pictures below(I find them fascinating. Do you know which end are we supposed to drink out of them?)   

To participate in this event, all you need to do is email me at [email protected], and say whatever you want about this novel or my translation. (Please put Entry and your ww username in the title) 

A winner will be born among all entries from actual fans of LOAR through a lucky draw conducted by Baby Beerblade.

Another winner will be born among only our highest-tier sponsors, King of Hybrids, through another lucky draw conducted by BBB. He or she will be able to choose between a set of Jue Cups and one of our previous gifts (click here to see). 

This event will be open from now to 18:00 pm on 4th of August (Beijing Time). The winners will be announced on 5th of August. The giveaways will be customized (optional) and shipped out in two weeks, which hopefully won't be affected by the pandemic.

On another account, I’ll stick to a 12 chapters weekly release from now on. Hopefully, my team and I will prove up to the task.  

Lastly, thank you very much for liking and supporting LOAR. You're the reason I continued to do what I do.

Good luck with everything! Cheers!🍺