1400 Chapter Giveaway

Hey everyone,

LOAR has come to 1400 chapters. According to our tradition, it's time to thank you guys! 

I tried to find inspirations for a new spiritual tool that'll help you with your cultivation. However, covid-19 has closed down all of our locate antique markets and shops. Failing to find a better choice, I've decided to go with Jianzhan Tea Cups again. You can see pictures below.

To participate in this event, all you need to do is email me at [email protected], stating what makes you like this novel. The winner will be determined through a lucky draw conducted by Baby Beerblade.

This event will be open from now to 18:00 pm on 2nd of June (Beijing Time). The winner will be announced on 3rd of June. The tea cup will be customized (optional) and shipped out as soon as possible. 

Also, another gift will go to one of our highest-tier sponsors. The winner will be determined through another lucky draw conducted among our "Stars of Calamities." He or she will be able to choose between this Jianzhan Tea Cup and our previous gifts (click here to see). The result of this lucky draw will also be announced on 3rd of June.

Thank you all very much for liking and supporting LOAR. Good luck with everything! 🍺