LDK has Resumed!

Continuing on from the relevant section of this post, we're happy to announce that Legend of the Dragon King is now returning. Under the stewardship of a translator new to Wuxiaworld, Tobey, LDK will be continuing on at a reliable one chapter per day. (We may look at adjusting this in future, but only upwards!)

As laid out in this announcement, existing subscribers will retain access at their current tiers until the 3rd of January (one month from when LDK resumed), at which point their subscriptions will renew, with the 3rd being set as the new start date. Email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Cancel LDK" if you do not wish for your subscription to renew on the 3rd of December. We'll send an email out to all subscribers to make sure everyone gets the message. 

Non-subscribers will begin seeing Tobey's chapters in a week and a half or so once the pre-existing stock of advance chapters has cycled through. Please help Tobey out with term continuity where necessary in the comments or on Discord!