LDK - Best Boy Results and the War of the Ships

Hey guys, popular vote has our sexy blacksmith teacher in the lead for best boy! Give it up for Mang Tian!

Trailing closely behind him was our main character, the gluttonous Tang Wulin, and the mischievous Xie Xie!

Now, for the greatest battle yet. We will have, the War of the Ships! Come enlist and serve on your favorite ship! Be it the SS Tang Wulin x Gu Yue, the Royal Tang Wulin x Xie Xie, or some other ship! Once you've enlisted, man the comment cannons and blast the other ships into oblivion! Prove that your ship is the greatest ship of them all! 

Now here are the ships currently recruiting:

Tang Wulin x Gu Yue

Tang Wulin x Xie Xie

Tang Wulin x Na'er

Tang Wulin x Mang Tian

Tang Wulin x Food

Tang Wulin x Wu Siduo

Mang Tian x Cen Yue

Come fight for your ship in the comments below!