Starve Taking a Short Break

Sorry for the late chapters for yesterday. There's still one more for today that I'm working on at the moment.

I'm really a bit overwhelmed at the moment esp since I'm trying to catch up with another novel which I've been neglecting for some time. 

Most double release Chinese novels here have shorter lengths, averaging around 1.5k in English words whereas Keyboard Immortal averages around 2.5k English words per chapter. That, along with the fact that I'm working on three novels with daily releases simultaneously, is really getting to me. I'm even getting a bit scared of getting on Discord because I know for certain that I'll be hounded in one way or another ~~ I think I'm just in dire need of rest here. 

I'll have to take a small break from KI for a moment to rest and recharge a little, or else I think the stress will really get to me.

I'll be lowering chapter output to 1/day for the next four days (so in essence, a two days break), and hopefully, I'll be able to build up a small stockpile, fulfill my required quota for advanced chapters, and more importantly, rest up and refresh myself a little for the long haul.

Anyway, a small joke to lighten the mood before I sign off:

If Mary is the mother of Jesus and Jesus is the lamb of God

Does that mean that Mary had a little lamb?

(Stolen off r/dadjokes)