Resignation and Transition

Hello guys, this will probably be the last announcement from me.

Many of you have been asking me for a steady schedule and more advanced chapters from me, something that I've really struggled to meet all this while. I've been making sure to deliver the chapters (though it's more like 4 every two days now since I'm rushing four chapters on the same day now since it's easier to work when the momentum gets going than to do them in parts), but that doesn't change the fact that it's very irregular.

I'm very thankful for many of your considerations thus far and the tolerance that has been shown to me whenever late chapters occur, and it's not an excuse to say that I've other commitments since I did commit to this project too by coming in as well. I do think that I'm holding back this project, and it wouldn't be fair to the sponsors too, especially since it's clear that the steadiness of release is important to many of the readers too. So, slightly after mid-Feb, I informed Ren that I don't think that I can cope with this project anymore and asked to back out (he has been really understanding and caring thus far, often checking up to see if I'm fine, so thanks a lot for that!). The matter just got confirmed just a few days back.

Anyway, things are not fully set at the moment but we're moving into a transition phase right now where I'm still doing the chapters, but another translator is reading through the chapters and preparing to take over. It should be transited over by mid-March, and the releases should much become steadier, so look forward to it! Shameless Zu An will come back harder than ever ~~

(I bolded the important point as tl;dr for those who are lazy to read)

Thanks for joining me on the ride, even though it was a pretty short one here, around 2 months? I'm aware that there are still two more lacking chapters and I'm working on them like right now ~~ So see yall soon

I don't think any of you would really have any questions, but if there's anything you want to ask, feel free to shoot off ~~ I'll probably check the post and reply to your concerns or anything.


PS: Just to clarify, there won't be any lapses in the chapters. I'll be posting until the transition occurs in mid-March, so no worries!