IGE Completed!

Hey everyone,

IGE is finally completed! What a journey it has been - I first started translating this novel in 2016 (I think?) on my own little site as a hobby and finally finished it this year at the start of 2020. Translating chapters, spending 2 hours on a single chapter, day in and day out can often be a dull and tough task. When I first started, I had no idea of the scope of the task I began but when I start something, I'm determined to finish it. I know I've not been the most consistent of translators in terms of releasing chapters, so I want to apologise for any frustration I've caused. 

First and foremost, I want to thank my amazing editor Joey who has without fail, edited and proofread chapters for me without fail. He's been the best support I could ask for. I want to thank Ren for inviting me to come onto Wuxiaworld, and bringing IGE to a greater platform of readers. And finally, I want to thank the sponsors and the readers for supporting the translation of IGE.

So what's next? There will be a period where I read over past chapters, and make changes to terms, to grammar, and to consistency. I'm also working on finishing my other novel IDS which should be completely finished within a couple of months and then I'm sure it'll be onwards to the next novel.

With great thanks and appreciation,