Immortal Devil Transformation Release!

The long awaited Immortal Devil Transformation is finally out! Some of you might be wondering why there is no usual site-wide announcement post. Don't worry, there will be one next month! For the first month, we will start at one chapter per day, and then we will officially transition to a full-time two a day!

Welcome, to a world of martial arts, a world of flying swords, a world where a single mistake can decide everything!

Immortal Devil Transformation is the story of a carefree young man who suddenly finds himself transmigrated into a harsh militaristic world of cultivation. However, with the mentality of a tourist, equipped with a mysterious ability, a heartwarming and thrilling adventure unfolds...

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For those of you who already read this in the sneak peak, there are five more chapters to enjoy! Updates will be daily at 8AM PST!