The sages said, read ISSTH Book 1, Chapter 88, 89!

"Good evening, this is Ken Zhang, head anchor of ZCNN, the State of Zhao's premier Cultivation news broadcast. Tonight's lead story relates to an interesting subject: incense. That's right. How long exactly does an incense stick take to burn? Do different incense sticks from different countries take a different amount of time to burn? Does the scent relate to the burn length? Let's go live to Nancy Wang, who has the inside scoop on this baffling question. Nancy?"

Chapter 88: Lord Revelation’s True Self Chapter 89: Guyiding Tri-Rain Translated by Deathblade Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, Li Huazhi, RWX Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo Chapter 89 Sponsor: Randall Klatt

Please join me in clasping hands in a respectful bow to Fellow Daoist Randall Klatt, whose generous donation of Spirit Stones made possible the 4th sponsored chapter of the week!

About Guyiding Tri-Rain and more

Long story short, I spent more time translating the words "Guyiding Tri-rain" than the rest of the entire chapter. Furthermore, there is a line of text in this chapter written in classical Chinese that I spent overall at least two or three hours working on. Even the original Chinese is hard to understand, and was the subject of a lot of discussions among ISSTH fans in China. Thanks to RWX, my new friend from China Li Huazhi, and especially my beautiful wife Madam Deathblade, for helping me with the name and the classical Chinese!

I think one of the fun things about reading fantasy books is trying to figure out in advance what is happening. I'm going to do my best to translate all the prophecies and myseries and whatnot in a way that is as equally vague as the original Chinese, but with enough of the clues to at least make guesses. Which is freaking hard.... but I'll do my best.