New ISSTH Chapter Release! Book 1, Chapter 4

Hello everyone, here's the next chapter of I Shall Seal the Heavens. This chapter will answer a question that a few of you brought up in comments. Thanks very much to my proofreaders who help me catch a lot of mistakes, providing a much more enjoyable reading experience for you guys.

Chapter 4: A Copper Mirror Translated by Deathblade Contributing Editor: Madam Deathblade Proofreaders: Lingson and laoren

By the way, a few people asked about the picture I used. It's a Photoshopped version of an actual cover picture for I Shall Seal the Heavens on one of the Chinese websites. In the future I'llHere's the original:


And my version. (I tried to keep as close as I could to the original)

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Okay, enjoy the chapter everyone!

After I Shall Seal the Heavens... is A Will Eternal....
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