ISSTH Grand Final Contest

We are quickly approaching the final chapters of I Shall Seal the Heavens. I've made some calculations, and I can confidently say that very last chapter will be released on July 1st! Here's the coolest news: the final 15 chapters from 1600-1614 will all be released on Saturday July 1st as part of the ISSTH Grand Finale Contest! A new chapter will be released every hour or so, so that's a 15 hour marathon. Wow! Although I have yet to finalize every last detail, the plan is to start at 9:00 AM Eastern Time and end at midnight. There will be three prize categories, so for 15 chapters that's a minimum of about 45 prizes, although I might add more, we'll see. I will give more details about the contest as we get closer to the actual date. Mark your calendars!

Incidentally, I'm wondering if there are any ISSTH lore masters out there.... I need some input regarding one of the prizes for the contest, and would like the help of someone who is very familiar with all of the nitty gritty details of the story. If you are that type of person, send an e-mail to issth-deathblade @ and impress me with your knowledge of ISSTH trivia. If I don't respond within 24 hours, it means I've picked someone else to help.

I'm sure some people will be wondering how this will affect my other projects, especially A Will Eternal. Well, here's the "bad" news. A few weeks before the contest, I plan to go on temporary hiatus from my other projects to focus completely on ISSTH, meet the deadline, and get ready for the contest. Then, after the contest, I plan to take a much-needed vacation. Over the past couple years, I've taken almost no time off from posting chapters, not even when Baby Deathblade was born, and I'm definitely feeling the need for a breather. During that time I will extend the break from my other projects, including the translation of A Will Eternal. On the up side, during the vacation I will be doing some binge reading of AWE in Chinese, which I haven't had the time for yet; that will greatly help my translation speed once I get back from vacation and focus solely on AWE as my translation project. At that time the chapter release rate will jump up to around the current ISSTH rate.

There are only a few more months until the finale, so catch up, convince your friends to read, or if you're really crazy, binge read the entire story again... if you dare!

All dates and other info subject to change. In a recent survey, ten out of nine cultivators approved of this plan. Patent pending. 封天妖道博大精深!