ISSTH Chapter 331 ☯

So I saw a few comments to the effect of "oh an auction... what a xianxia cliche." Therefore, any Fellow Daoist who has the stones, please provide your answer in the comments of this post BEFORE reading the chapter:

What will happen in the auction?

A) Meng Hao will outbid everyone with the black command medallion, the losers will attack him B) Meng Hao will be outbid, but he will use his connection to the Dongluo Clan to gain the item C) Meng Hao will be outbid, but Lord Fifth will go crazy and kill the person who outbid him D) Meng Hao will somehow use clever logic to gain the item E) Everyone will sing kumbaya and share the item together F) Other (please explain)

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Many thanks to the Fellow Daoists for bringing the fifth sponsored chapter of the week! P.S. Regarding the four Nascent Soul Cultivators v. three in the last chapter....

The explanation for this involves a MINOR spoiler. I started a new spoiler thread in the forums which has strict rules regarding NO MAJOR SPOILERS. If you want an explanation about the 4 v. 3 Nascent Soul Cultivators, check out this post.