I Shall Seal the Heavens teaser video

Greetings, Fellow Daoists. Relatively long post after the jump, or just click "read chapter" to jump to the video on youtube....

I'm super excited to share a teaser video to promote ISSTH. Originally it was a promotional video for the ISSTH web game that was released some time back. As such, the Chinese voiceover is basically saying stuff like "Cultivation is the key to happiness, practice it in your own way to become Immortal" etc. Nothing really to do with the story. So, I've added my own subtitles that ARE NOT a translation of the Chinese. They are completely made up by me! You might want to just ignore them and watch the images in the video which are super cool.

You could consider this video to contain minor spoilers, but there is no specific information revealed. If you are an ISSTH fan, I think it should be fine for you to watch it.

Special thanks to wuxiaworld user Immortal for helping me to encode the subtitles and upload to youtube, which is blocked in China. Because of the military parade in China today, the government has also cracked down on VPNS, so it was a real headache trying get it uploaded.

Last thing: If you're an ISSTH fan, please show the video to someone you know who doesn't read ISSTH! Yes, I can overtly say that I would like to attract more readers to this awesome story.

Okay, please... go watch........