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I would like to make a recommendation of a TV show. The main character is probably THE most badass character of any TV show I've ever watched, and I mean this in a "real-life" sense.

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The show is AMC's Hell on Wheels, and the MC is Cullen Bohannan, a former Confederate soldier who gets wrapped up in the construction of the Intercontinental Railroad during America's "Wild West" period. One of the early criticisms of the show was that it didn't feature Chinese laborers, who were integral to the construction of that first Intercontinental Railroad. There was a reason for that, and later in the show, Chinese people become a major part of the story. Cullen plays Go, drinks baijiu and tea, and even learns to speak some Cantonese. Throughout the series, he remains one of the most thoroughly gritty and badass protagonists of a TV show ever.

I won't give any spoilers whatsoever, and I hope that anyone who has watched the show will do the same in the comments. However, I will say that the final episode was completely satisfying to me, and also thoroughly shocking. The final scene... well, I won't go into any analysis of it because I hope that some of you watch the show and enjoy the final scene the way I did. Suffice to say that, when I first started watching the show way back in season one, I could never have possibly imagined that it would end the way it did. Considering that most of you are interested in Chinese culture, I think that all of you would be very interested in the final few seasons of the show, which depict matters in a relatively historically accurate setting.


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