☯ ISSTH Chapter 803-807 ☯

5 chapters! Why? Because chapter 807 marks the exact half-way point in ISSTH, which is 1614 chapters long. Okay, there was a missing chapter, so it's actually only 1613, but... close enough. Can you believe it? I was actually surprised to find out recently that Coiling Dragon has a total of 806 chapters. Wow! Based on my calculations, I've averaged 1.89 chapters per day during that time. However, that includes the early days when I was only doing 5 chapters per week. Stay tuned for chapter 1614 of ISSTH in which we will compare my speed for the first half with my speed for the last half! For now, enjoy this mega update!

P.S. An even more important announcement will be coming in a few minutes, that I will make as a separate post. Stay tuned....

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