☯ ISSTH Chapter 756 ☯

Chronicles of Baby Deathblade: I don't want to overdo the Baby Deathblade posts, but I know some of you are fans, and this is time sensitive. Breaking news: he is officially teething! That's right, a teeny, tiny little tooth made its appearance recently (see the jump for picture, although beware of the unbelievable cuteness of a tooth so incredibly minuscule). In the past, I would let BDB gnaw on my (washed) knuckle or hand when he wanted to, but let me tell you, this new tooth is sharp! I wonder if I have a potential Li Fugui on my hands!!! Wait... I just realized how coincidental this is considering the title of this chapter!!!!

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Alright, I have to admit that I never before in my life ever saw what it looks like when a tooth appears for the first time. This is the first day the tooth was actually visible, so I guess that makes it a one-day-old tooth! Oh, there's also a spit bubble as a bonus.

Even before the tooth appeared, MDB and I have been "brushing" as a nightly ritual. Now we can officially say to BDB, "Okay, it's time to brush your tooth!"