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For those of you who don't use /r/noveltranslations, there was recently a contest to write intro guides to novel translations and especially Chinese webnovels. Here is a pretty good one that you can share with family and friends to try to hook them. There are some things I don't agree with in this guide, especially the assertion that "xianxia" has "evolved" to represent Chinese fantasy fiction as a whole. Considering the word has only recently been introduced, I would assert that it has "incorrectly been used" to represent Chinese fantasy fiction. Besides, there are a lot of you readers who know the difference between xianxia and some of the other generes. In any case, it still offers a pretty good introduction. Check it out!

Chapter 744. Translator: Deathblade, also available on Twitter, Pinterest, and Patreon. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreader: Courtrecords and GNE. Meme Archives: joeljbright. Memes: Azusky. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade. Sponsor: Alex Tsue

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