☯ ISSTH Chapter 743 ☯

I'll try not to beat this horse too much into the ground, but here are translations of two real-life conversations that both happened today.

Setting: Public Place, MDB and BDB together Chinese woman #1: Oh wow, look at the baby's eyes, they're so big! Chinese woman #2: Wow, he looks like a mixed blood kid! Chinese woman #1: No way, that's impossible! Chinese woman #2: Is his father a foreigner? MDB: ..............

Setting: Elevator, the whole Deathblade Clan together Chinese woman: Oh look, he's so cute. BDB: Hehe Chinese woman: Haha, he laughed! At this point we left the elevator, and the woman finally noticed me. Chinese woman (in hushed tone): Oh, no wonder, he's a mixed blood kid!

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