☯ ISSTH Chapter 638 ☯

I saw more than one comment questioning or outright saying that I'm "censoring" ISSTH by having Patriarch Reliance say "fudge." No, I'm not censoring it. He is not saying the Chinese equivalent of the F bomb. For further explanation see the jump.

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Long story short, Patriarch Reliance is saying "your granny." I know most other translators directly translate this epithet as "your granny," but I chose not to. Why? Because "your granny" is not something any native English speaker will ever say, and I feel that it looses the feeling.

"Your granny" is a euphemism for "his mother, your mother, mother" etc., which is a pretty vulgar curse word in Chinese that's usually translated as the F word. I don't think any translator worth his salt would translate 我真他妈的不想去 as "I really his mother don't want to go." Any good translator would most likely go with something along the lines of "I really f**king don't want to go!"

To say "your granny" in Chinese is not as bad as "mother," and also sounds a bit funny. Therefore, I chose to use "fudge," a funny euphemism for the F word that I think captures the feeling and humor pretty well.