☯ ISSTH Chapter 573 ☯

An American pal of mine recently went to a big karate training camp and competition in Xi'an. He told me a story that totally reminds me of the cliche scenes of wuxia and xianxia (except no killing). Check out the story after the jump.

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During a sparring sessions, a Chinese guy with a brown belt was up against a Chinese girl with a black belt. The girl was way shorter and smaller than the guy. The guy, apparently trying to show off, went super hard on her, landing full kicks, knocking her to the ground and even hitting her over and over again while she was down (I guess the limit is supposed to be two).

At that point one of the old Japanese karate masters intervened and rebuked the guy. He sent the girl away, and then called one of the older Japanese black belt guys over. After an interchange in Japanese, the black belt guy proceeded to (respectfully) beat the living crap out of the brown belt guy. Another Young Master bit the dust.

My friend had some other interested stories to tell. Apparently old Japanese karate masters can really throw down their alcohol.