☯ ISSTH Chapter 540 ☯

New arrangement and request for cooperation: Usually after I post a chapter, I check the comments frequently just in case there are typos or mistakes. Of course I'm interested in all your reactions, too. Every chapter is a reaction chapter for me hahah. Anyway, I'm going to stop doing that, because it interferes significantly with my translating. I honestly think that it takes me twice as long to translate a given chapter because of the constant checking. On the other hand, I want to fix mistakes as soon as possible. Therefore, to those of you catch mistakes, can you please, please e-mail them to me directly? I don't mind jumping out of translation mode to fix mistakes, but I need to free myself from my reverse-F5 syndrome. Thanks so much.

About the snafu with the release of this chapter, please see some info after the jump.

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For those of you who have been reading my translations for a while (back when I was posting them on SPCNET or even in the early days here on wuxiaworld), you know my process. I translate the chapter, then let it sit for a while, have it proofread, and then do a final edit before releasing. Usually I get everything ready the night before, then wake up in the morning to do my final edit. The final edit is most often only cosmetic, although sometimes I catch important mistakes.

For this particular chapter, I didn't make very many significant changes, only some adjustments to wording, punctuation, etc. If you read it in the brief period of time last night that I made it live accidentally, you don't need to read it again.