☯ ISSTH Chapter 407 ☯

The Difficulties of Translating ISSTH

This is one of those chapters that I spend WAY longer than normal on. Furthermore, something that happened during the course of preparing the chapter illustrates why ISSTH is so difficult to translate (at least for me). At one point in the process, I e-mailed anonpuffs with a question about the meaning of one of the more vague passages. He responded saying that in his opinion there were two possible meanings. Literally the next day, he e-mailed again and said (paraphrasing): "Well I just read something in chapter 1,400-or-so that puts the second option off the table." That's right, something in today's chapter was made clear nearly 1,000 chapters later.

As I've mentioned, I'm reading ahead in the novel, but haven't gotten that far! Without the help of kind souls like John Rogers and anonpuffs, I would really be up a creek without a paddle. Well, I spent many, many hours on this chapter, which I'm excited to release. Please enjoy:

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