☯ ISSTH Chapter 393 ☯

I just got back from FINALLY watching Star Wars VII for the first time. I'm a born and bred Star Wars fan (my parents still have a Science Fiction Book Club flyer ad for the original 1978 Star Wars IV), and I have to say that overall I liked it. I have gone this entire past month on complete media lockdown. I haven't read a single article or heard even one spoiler about anything, so that certain spoiler I mentioned earlier definitely came as a shock. There are a lot of questions popping up in my mind. I need more time to digest the movie, maybe watch it again, maybe read some articles online. For now, I'll close off this announcement post by saying, may the Force be with you all!

UPDATE: Uhhh... in my personal opinion anyone who hasn't watched the movie by now in any country other than China couldn't possibly be considered a fan of Star Wars, but in any case, I deleted the "spoiler" from the movie that came out a month ago everywhere else in the world.

P.S. To anyone who got "spoiled" by my original post, I'm unclear as to why you would read past the words "I just got back from FINALLY watching Star Wars VII." As soon as you saw those words, why would you keep reading? Did you think I would refrain from talking about the events of the movie for a few months until everyone had watched the movie...?

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