☯ ISSTH Chapter 1065-1066 ☯

Some bad news, and worse news: The entire Deathblade Clan is going to be heading to Beijing to handle some important things on Monday and Tuesday, including a trip to the American embassy. This is BDB's first time traveling to Beijing, and it's going to be a big ordeal. To top that off, BDB came down with a little cold. The poor little guy had a rough day with sneezing, a runny nose, and lousy nap times. MDB and I are bracing ourselves for a potential sleepless night. The trip to Beijing was already going to cause a slow-down or potential pause in releases. Add in the cold, and that could start earlier than expected. The best case scenario would be a normal schedule of three chapters (my) tomorrow, and then one chapter for the following two days. Worst case scenario could be... maybe only one per day, or two spread out over three days. I'll post updates on twitter as necessary. Chapter 1065. Chapter 1066. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreader: GNE and Courtrecords. Memes: Shu. Meme Archives: JerryDaBaws. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

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