Hello Everyone! Its Midasthefloof!

Hi Everyone!

It's great to meet everyone here! I'm the translator for Heaven's Devourer and i'm excited to be part of the Wuxiaworld family!

Like some of you, I started out as a reader, devouring almost all of the new chapters when ISSTH and DE were being translated. Gradually I realised I could use some of the skills I had to help contribute back to the community and before I knew it, here I am!

As it is, I would like to invite all of you readers to come and explore this novel together with me!

Also feel free to drop by the discord and say hi! I'm planning something down the line and I can't wait to share the exciting news with all you readers in time to come.

Thanks and floofing out!


PS: If you spot any egregious errors, please drop an email at [email protected] or on the discord channel. Thanks again!