Free Chapters, Improved Tiers and New Tier!

Happy April Fools From my part of the land!

It's not a joke but we will be releasing an extra chapter everyday for 10 whole days to coincide the end of the Taigu Immortal Arc!

Hopefully it brings a bright spot to all during this period with the coronavirus.

Along with that, i'm pleased to announce 2 more things!

Firstly we are releasing yet another tier (within the next 12 hours!) for subscribers if youre interested. This is known as the Immortal Realm Tier!

But even for existing subscribers, fret not as we are bumping up the amount of chapters everyone gets per tier! Permanently! Please also note the renaming of the Quadruple Mystiques Tier into the Primordial Spirit Transformation Tier.

The existing Primordial Spirit Transformation Tier has been change to the Dao Querying, Three Disasters Realm. This is purely naming and will not affect the subscribers in any way.

Mortal: 1->2

Forging Muscles, Polishing Tendons: 2->3

Spirit Ascension: 5->6

Qi Condensation Realm: 11->12

Jindan Realm: 17->19

Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm: 28->32

Primordial Spirit Transformation: 50->55

Dao Querying, Three Disasters Tier: 60->65

Once again, thank you for all your support!

Enjoy the ride all!