Heavenly Jewel Change is Complete!

Here it is, the final 18 chapters and the end at last! It's been a long time coming, but thank you for bearing with us so patiently. RWX would like to apologise for holding it back due to his ever-busy schedule.

There are two people who of course need to be thanked: Zen for getting it so far and sticking with it for so long, and Stardu5t for taking up the daunting task that is continuing on from someone else's translation. Terms and style have to be kept consistent, and there's the added pressure that readers will always make unconscious comparisons to the previous translation!

Here's Stardu5t's closing message to you all:
A HUGE thank you to everyone who made it to the end. I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay on my part as well, due to personal matters. Thank you for your kind understanding and I hope you enjoyed this novel as much as I did. It was an honor to be able to complete it. :’)

Please keep the comments on this post spoiler free for the people who are reading this post before the finale, and trust me, it's a thrilling one!