Missing chapters calculation

Emperor Domination: 

I was gone starting on July 7th and there had been 8 weeks since. The last chapter released was 1580 so there should have been 8x14 + 2 (from 7/7) chapters released, which brings us to chapter 1694. Current release with today finished is 1659. That means I owe 35 chapters on top of the 2 a day schedule with this new week starting on Sunday.

29/35 Oct 7 (EST)

Spirit Vessel: 

8 weeks since 7/7 so there should be 40 chapters since 386 or chapter 426 released. The current released chapter is 401 so I owe 25 chapters, not counting the regular schedule starting today for next week. Unfortunately, I will be prioritizing ED's catch up before SV due to the readership and I had refunded all SV sponsors during the month of July. To my pleasant surprise, the sponsorship number of SV actually went up but maybe that's not too surprising. Recent chapters of SV are great fun.

Wedding Fun:

I do have an unexpected wedding coming up in November which will be quite burdensome, frankly. I'm not one for tradition and grand weddings, but my family and relatives are expecting one. A Vietnamese wedding requires a considerable amount of preparation due to all the formalities and steps involved. I won't give a timeline for finishing the catch-up but it won't be ridiculously long. 

Why is my wedding unexpected? Initially, I do have reservations about meeting someone online in person. After spending two months there and getting to know her, I do feel confident about a future marriage between us. However, my initial plan was to get married around summer or end of next year, not November. All of this happened because of the next incident.

I asked some of my uncles and aunts in Vietnam to come and visit her family. My plan for this meeting was so that her mom would trust me more due to the heightened formality of the situation. She was very wary of Asian Americans going back to Vietnam just to have fun and sleep with girls before going back to their country. Thus, I was watched with the same vigilance of Azure Dragon Legion watching over the nine worlds. She was never allowed to visit my family or stay overnight in Saigon, always had her brother with us. This was a very traditional family and my fiancee, herself, is traditional due to the grooming. I like and hate this aspect.

Here is another reason why a meeting was necessary. My side of the family constantly warned me to be careful of scammers, girls who only want a green card. I was aware of this from the get-go, the reason why I stay with her in person to actually learn about her and her family. It's hard to keep a facade for so long, two months, in this case.

Thus, in order to earn my family's trust and for them to like her, they needed to spend time with her. She's a very nice and proper gal. However, since her mom wouldn't let us go alone as often as I would like so that she can interact with my family, this became a problem. Now, you see why an "official" family visit was necessary.

The problem, or blessing, was my third aunt from my paternal side. Due to my aging grandmother, she has taken up the role of matriarch in Vietnam and presided over our weddings for the last ten years or so. The meeting led by her became a lot more serious than just a home visit. She was a practitioner of Chinese divination, widely successful in her field. After reading our birthdates and other various aspects, she found that next year was equally bad for the both of us, not a good time for a wedding. The months that were good belonged to this year, June and November. it was too late for June so November became more pressing.

She brought traditional gifts for when the groom's side visits the bride's side for the first time. There were further talks of marriage in November, much earlier than my plans but I went along since I really liked and trusted my fiancee. Nevertheless, I appreciated my aunt's effort and help in all of this. She instantly liked my fiancee on their first meeting.

Then she called my parents and asked my grandmothers for permission. After some arguments and reluctance, November was a go. So now, I have to come back in the middle of October in order to take wedding pictures and prepare various other things. I have to prepare a fiancee visa, K1, for her to come to the U.S. too. So busy...

Asian guys, if you marry other traditional Asians, be prepared for this.